If you are missing online – then nobody will be missing you! Marketing budgets continue to shift from old media to new media.

As eTown Videos celebrates its fifth business anniversary it is interesting  to observe the significant marketing shift over the past five years.

During 2006, businesses were certainly apprehensive about adding video to their web sites and they found it challenging to envision a benefit. We had much fewer examples of effective web video marketing  to point to in those days than we do today.

Today many web visitors prefer video over text based websites. Dave DelVecchio, President of Innovative Business Systems (IBS) in Easthampton, MA, explained the effectiveness of web video well when he told eTown  that what takes IBS 90 seconds to explain in a well produced video may take a web visitor 20 minutes to read while clicking through various web pages.

Of course many companies still use text as well as photo images on their web sites, but for many visitors it’s the video which is the draw. In fact, most of the conversations about marketing budgets we have with businesses these days focus on the shift from old media (TV, print, and radio) to new media (online video, social media, and search engine optimization or SEO), and the shift is accelerating.

Web video: Inbound marketing instead of interruption based marketing

As David Meerman Scott outlined in numerous blog posts as well as his bestselling books, interruption based marketing is coming to an end. By interruption based marketing, I mean TV, radio, and print which all depend to some degree  on interrupting whatever the viewer, listener, or reader is doing. As we all know, consumers have become skilled at shielding themselves from this type of advertising through DVRs, TiVo, Netflix and Apple TV (as I like to do) satellite radio, podcasts, RSS readers, etc. While old media still has a place for many businesses it is becoming undeniably less effective. In fact, many newspapers have been making the transition to new media as well, some with great success.

Therefore, attracting  consumers to your business through new media is critical. In other words, getting found online, when and how consumers and businesses want to find what they are looking for, exactly at that moment is what marketers need to focus on.  In my experience, professional web video productions in combination with targeted search engine optimization is one of the most effective tools marketers have available to attract potential customers. A well produced, attention-grabbing video which appears high in Google search results for your industry which is distributed  to social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), YouTube, email lists, and on your company website is a must have ingredient for most organizations.

Additionally, there are plenty of  free analytic tools available (e.g. Google Analytics)  which let you measure the effectiveness of your web video marketing campaign in real time. Mike Dinn, Vice President of Marketing of Dinn Brothers Trophy in West Springfield, MA, shared with eTown shortly after we completed their web video, that the conversion from web visitors to customers was almost immediately noticeable after posting their video online.

Web video marketing campaigns  show results that are immediate and measurable.

If you are interested in viewing a few web video client samples please click on this link   view web video sample