Video member spotlight to highlight the Easthampton Learning Foundation

eTown Videos speaks with Tom Brown of Easthampton Savings Bank about the Easthampton Learning Foundation.

Video member spotlight to highlight the Easthampton Learning Foundation

Today we met with Thomas Brown (SVP, Easthampton Savings Bank) to talk about upcoming changes for the Easthampton Learning Foundation. This video interview is part of the monthly video spotlight for the Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce.

Tom Brown is a Director for the Easthampton Learning Foundation.  During the video interview, which will be released during the first week of February, Tom discusses the mission of the Easthampton Learning Foundation and the positive changes in the year ahead. For those of you who may not be familiar with the Easthampton Learning Foundation (ELF) I can summarize its purpose here briefly. ELF has been working to build an endowment with the initial goal of one million dollars. 100% of the funds they raise serve the primary purpose to make innovative, hands-on learning programs available which would otherwise not be funded by local school budgets.

The main fundraiser event for the Easthampton Learning Foundation is their annual ball. This year’s event will be held on March 1st at the Log Cabin. For ticket information please visit the ELF website.

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During the upcoming year ELF will undergo some important changes which Tom shares with us during the interview. The video for the February Easthampton Chamber member spotlight will be available for viewing on the chamber’s and eTown Videos’ Facebook pages.

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