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The eTown Videos team at a national conference preparing to film a keynote presenter.

You and a handful of colleagues from your company just returned from an exciting and inspiring industry conference. Unfortunately, budget constraints made it impossible to bring additional employees who would have benefited from attending the conference as well. Perhaps you were an exhibitor, presenter, or a keynote speaker and the information which was shared is very valuable to other employees and clients.

Therefore, consider hiring a trade show and conference videographer for your next event to provide your organization with a motivational and educational video experience upon your return.

Keynote speakers and discussion groups often reveal information that is important not only to the conference attendees and exhibitors but also to employees and clients of an entire organization. The average cost per staff member to attend a conference ranges between $2000-$3000 (air fare, hotel, dining, etc). Depending on the size of your organization costs can quickly grow to tens of thousands of dollars.

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eTown Videos provides trade show and conference videographers throughout the United States.

Hiring a videographer to film keynote presenters, discussion groups, and interviews with thought leaders has become an essential alternative to bring critical industry information back home.

Watch key moments of the conference anywhere

Trade show and conference videography and video production.

Trade show and conference videography and video productions.

Videos can be shown to your employees upon your return within days. The videos will be made available on the web or a password protected website and will be viewable on Internet connected devices such as desktop computers, Internet connected TVs, smart phones, and tablets.

Cost savings

No doubt it would be ideal to bring an entire department to important industry conferences and trade shows, but often that option is not practical or affordable.

Our trade show and conference videographers can film prominent speakers, discussion groups, and conduct interviews, and the videos can be available to both employees and clients often within days after the conference has ended.

The cost of having a videographer accompany you is a fraction of what it would cost of having 5, 10 or 20 employees travel to a trade show or conference destination.

eTown Videos films conferences and seminars throughout the United States, providing only the highest quality videography services. We work closely with the audio visual personnel on location to make sure all technical specifications are met for HD video and audio capture.

Capturing trade shows and conferences is the next best thing to actually attending the event. Let us help in delivering the event experience to your entire business and organization.

Call us at 413-324-1130 or write to us https://etownvideos.com/contact/ to hire a trade show and conference videographer, and we will respond with recommendations and pricing.

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