How To Choose A Video Production Company in Western MA

How To Choose A Video Production Company in Western MA You are about to hire a video production company or videographer. The question is: Is the video company or videographer capable of creating an effective video for your company? Asking the right questions will reveal if the video production company you are about to hire is right for you. Ask these questions with much consideration and courage because you’ll be working quite closely with these individuals for a few weeks or months.

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Here is a set of questions and guidelines that will help you when interviewing the video production company:

  1. Does the potential video company have a clear understanding of your needs and objectives? Ask them directly if they have a clear understanding of your goals. This important first step is typically established during the first meeting. If the objective is not clear, the video project may drift into a direction that doesn’t meet your needs – and production changes after the shoot can be rather costly.
  2. You may need a voice-over narration or a professional script development. Does the video company you are interviewing offer these services?
  3. Sometimes things go wrong during the course of the video production process. Unfortunately, it can happen. If a video producer’s feathers get easily ruffled it will create a tense business relationship. Ask how the video company has handled problems in the past. Is the video production company resourceful enough to change course? Will they treat everyone in manner that’s professional and courteous?
  4. Ask for an individual video production quote including a description of the scope of the production. You don’t want a quote template, which has been recycled many times, and only the numbers are different. Certain contractual elements will be similar to other agreements and proposals, but the proposal should outline elements and objectives that are quite specific to your video production.
  5. Ask for a personal meeting with a team member of the production company. A meeting will provide you with an excellent indication of their style and personality. Make sure your creative and work styles match.
  6. Review their video portfolio prior to contacting them. If you like what you see then you should have further dialog with them.
  7. How long will it take to complete a video production? Ahh, the $64,000 question. Admittedly, unpredictable delays can occur, however, ask the videographer or video production company for an estimated delivery date. Throughout the process, check with your contact to see if delivery times are still on target.
  8. Decide ahead of time where the video will be seen. Where and how the video will be seen often determines how the video will be created and delivered. For example, will it be a DVD or web ready file format? What type of web format?

Keep the above guidelines in mind and you will be well on your way to choosing a video production company in Western MA that is right for your business.

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