How does video production pricing and creativity relate?

Undertanding Video Production Pricing, Greater Springfield, MA Video Production pricing and creativity are related, and it is important to have a basic understanding of each cost component. This section of our website is designed to help you become more informed when choosing a video production company or videographer.

Typically, there a three basic stages of any professional video production:

  • Pre-Production
  • Video Shoot
  • Post Production
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Common Video Cost Factors

The resources that comprise a video production are often very similar if not the same whether the final video production is used for marketing, promotional, academic, training, or fundraising purposes. In other words, a corporate marketing video may have a similar pricing structure as a corporate training video. What are the common factors? They both require a specific number of shoot days, scripting, storyboarding, and editing.

However, the final pricing provided is much more dependent on the length and quality of the video project. The video quality you require may vary depending on how you’d like to use the video.

How Long Is The Video?

The length of the video will also effect the video production pricing and final cost. The longer the video, the more video shoots and editing time will be required. For example, a 10 minute video may often require to days of video shoot.

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If the video is an interview style video with very little b-roll then a 5-10 minute video could be shot in a single day. The total run time and video costs are closely related and you may need to think carefully about run time when budgeting for a video production. (Note: B-roll is the supplemental video footage which is often included with the main shot in an interview style video.)

Do You Need A Script?

A well-written script will be one of the most important drivers of a successful video production. It does not matter whether you write the script in-house or you hire a professional scriptwriter as long as the message is well thought out. At eTown Videos we offer professional script writing. The script will become a master document for the rest of the production, creating the perfect story line for the production.


What if no voice over narration or interviews are being used in the video? In this case, in lieu of a script, a storyboard is required. An industry standard storyboard is developed by eTown Videos by brainstorming which images go with every scene. We create an overall concept and decide where to put video images, where to add special graphics or captions, or suggest a location for a special shoot. Every detail is covered. The storyboard and the script (when applicable) become “master documents”. These documents are then used to create a video shoot list and any instructions for the filmmaker, director, editor, actors, or where any additional graphics would appear. The storyboard serves as the complete blue print for the final video production. Once complete, the storyboard is reviewed with the client for approval prior to any shoot dates. With client approval received, the eTown team will review the storyboard to make sure that we have covered all aspects of your vision, then work with you to schedule shoot dates. The storyboard may also include a list of scene descriptions to appear in the video.

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Location Of The Video Shoot

How many locations are required for the video shoot? Is there a lot of travel involved? Clearly, the less travel the better, but in many cases travel is required to get the footage required to the final video production. Video production pricing and cost must be calculated carefully when budgeting.

The Video Shoot

The video shoot can be one of the most demanding parts of the video production process and requires detailed planning to keep pricing in check. The better the pre-planning is with the client, the more smoothly the video shoots go. At eTown Videos we are good at this aspect, and our video shoots are fun for our clients.

A production crew can range from 2 people, a videographer and an assistant; up to a team of 5-10 people (e.g. multiple camera persons, director, lighting person, audio person, production assistant, etc.) At eTown Videos we sometimes work with local actors and presenters, which could impact both the planning and video production pricing. Actors may be used for speaking or non-speaking parts, presenting, or re-enactments. We typically work with local talents that do an excellent job of conveying our clients’ message.



Post-production editing is a very unique skill. You could give the video footage to 10 different editors and receive 10 different results. There could be vast differences in quality and message. Editing is a combination of experience, proper tools, and art. An experienced editor with a unique creative style will cost more than an amateur that recently acquired his/her editing skills or uses sub-standard software.

At eTown Videos we focus on making great and effective video productions for our clients. It’s an art that we have learned over many years of handling hundreds of hours of video footage. We have the experience to know which frame to cut, edit, or where to add an effect. Interestingly, experienced editors rarely use an abundance of effects. The editing process is the final video production-pricing factor.

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