eTown Videos now offers HD filming, animation and special effects for web and TV video commercial productions

As some of you may have noticed, there has been an unexpected hiatus from the eTown blog, my apologies to those who were looking for fresh blog posts. If I may elaborate on my absence since last fall – in addition to my responsibilities at eTown Videos, I have also been teaching a video production course at a local digital media training center here in Western Massachusetts. In fact, I shared some of my experiences as video production instructor in a new blog post yesterday.

I have also been spending much time upgrading our video production studio to accommodate the need to add full HD video production and 3D motion graphics for our customers. At the risk of sounding too self promotional – I would like to mention that the video production enhancements have been met with much fanfare from our client base throughout Western Massachusetts and beyond. We have also produced a brand new video commercial which features some of our clients – I would like to invite you to take a peek at our new web and TV commercial.

Look for new blog posts in the coming weeks on video marketing, editing, and industry news.

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