How long does it take to produce a business or promotional video?

Professional web video production time can vary greatly depending on the type of web video your organization or business is purchasing. Production times and editing times can take as little as a few days or along for several months.
What follows are a few of the elements which need to be considered when establishing production turnaround times:

If you’re looking for a 30 or 60 second motion graphics commercial (similar to the one below which eTown produced), these types of web or TV commercials can be created within a few days. Video production turnaround time can be particularly fast if the client provides high-resolution logos, images, or other graphic elements which need to be included in the video presentation.

If graphic design or logo design is required then the production time can quickly increase by two to three weeks. Designing a logo for your brand takes time to understand your company’s vision, history, and product. Logo and graphic design ought to be a thoughtful process.
However, in most cases web videos which include motion graphics can be created fairly quickly and can provide the business with an effective and attention-grabbing video presentation to introduce a new product or service very quickly.

If your video project includes live action shots and interviews of you, your staff, your office, and building then the additional time to schedule all individuals for the video shoot can quickly add up. In some cases detailed scripts and storyboards need to be developed before a single frame is shot. Note: A word about travel, eTown Videos typically serves clients in Western and Central Massachusetts, Vermont, and Northern Connecticut although we have worked with clients in the Boston, Massachusetts area as well.

Therefore, it is important to take adequate time during the initial consultation to established exactly what type of video project your business or organization requires, this first step will help in setting proper expectations with respect to video production and delivery times.