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Do you need to hire an event videographer in Northampton MA?

Your corporate event is one week away and you have folks flying in from all over the country. This is the most important sales and marketing  event for your company. Many months of planning went into the corporate event agenda. You booked the caterer and they confirmed, the audio/visual company is ready for the big presentation, hotel rooms have been reserved, and yes the videographer confirmed weeks ago.


Booking a videographer for your Northampton, MA event.

Wait – the videographer? He was supposed to do a walk-through yesterday evening to do a lighting and audio check, did that happen? In a panic you reach for your cell phone, hastily look for the number of the videographer, and you hit the call button. Awesome, he actually answers the phone. You tell him who you are and that you were wondering about the walk-though for the videography. Silence on the other end. With slight hesitation the voice on the other end begins to talk about an email that was sent and something about double booking, and he’s very sorry but he won’t be able to do the corporate video event. You say “WHAAAT? You explained that no email was received from him and he has to be at the marketing event, having a videographer at the corporate marketing meeting is an absolute must. But the videographer that you thought confirmed weeks ago just told you he will not be available. You are in shock – mixed with anger and frustration. No explanations and no amount apologies will make you feel any better. How will you explain this to your boss? You briefly wonder if your job might even be in jeopardy because someone dropped the ball booking the videographer.

Here you stand in the large event hall, in your mind’s eye you picture the keynote speaker on the podium without any videographer, camera, mics…..So you jump on your smartphone and do a quick search for Videographer in Northampton MA, a few searches show up on the first page and you end up clicking on a link to this site, to eTown Videos (that’s us). It said something about needing a videographer fast.

If you find yourself in a similar situation where you need a professional videographer fast – well, call us now at 413-324-1130 or better yet use our web request form to hire a videographer. We are locally located in Southampton, MA and we are ready to help you look good at your next corporate event. You can hire us on short notice, we are experienced, professional, on time, and deliver a top notch production. See what our customers have to say and judge for yourself.

Professional videography services include a skilled videographer, HD camera gear, wireless mics, lighting enhancement for certain productions,  and often the videographer is accompanied by an assistant to make the entire video production as smooth as possible. If you need multiple camera angles for your corporate event or your venue is located outside of the Pioneer Valley, additional travel fees might be added in the pricing. But no need to worry, our videographer hourly and project rates are affordable and in line with industry standard pricing structures.

Therefore, if you find yourself in an emergency situation or simply would like to shop around for various videographer costs and pricing plans – please get in touch with us.

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