Out-of-the-box thinking is what we do here at eTown Videos most of the time, its one of my favorite parts of creating videos. That is exactly what was required when we had an opportunity to produce a web video commercial for Jackson and Connor in Northampton, Massachusetts, a men’s clothing boutique in Thornes Market. During a meeting with Tara Brewster and Candice Connors (co-owners), I had an opportunity to gain more insight and understanding into their branding. When I asked Tara and Candice to describe their brand and style of men’s clothing they used terms like “fashionably aggressive”, “classic with a twist”, and “classically modern apparel for men”. Therefore, a different video production approach was required to convey the unique style of men’s clothing through a promotional web video.

Tara and Candice were able to provide us with professional photography of their men’s clothing line which we combined with a fun and attention grabbing typography, visual effects, and a medium-paced bluesy/classic rock soundtrack . Take a look at the result and maybe you’d like to pay Jackson & Connor a visit during your next shopping trip to Northampton, MA.

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