How much should I spend on our marketing video?

Even the most casual Internet user is realizing that the online experience is increasingly driven by web videos and video marketing. comScore, an Internet analytics and research company, estimates that the online video audience has reached approximately 85% of the entire US Internet audience.
Some time ago, Forrester Research found that a webpage which has a video included, is 50 times more likely to make a first page appearance during a Google search.
Well, what does this mean for local and regional clients based in Northampton, Springfield, Massachusetts or any of the surrounding business communities? It simply means if you  are utilizing online marketing strategies to attract new customers then some of your marketing dollars must be spent on video marketing. If you’re wondering how much of an investment is necessary to have a marketing video produced, perhaps this blog post can be of assistance in your decision making process. Keep in mind that video marketing production means different things to different people in Springfield, Northampton, Massachusetts (or any place else for that matter).

Here are the web video marketing costs:

We produce basic marketing videos for our clients for  as low as $500-$800 per video. Typically these are small businesses with 1-5 employees. The video includes interviews, background music, basic text and title animation, some logo motion graphics, as well as B-roll footage, and of course video marketing editing services. Many times businesses use these web videos for months or even years, nonstop 24/7, in other words,  you can get a lot of online marketing mileage out of a single video marketing production. Here’s video marketing example from one of our Northampton, MA clients.

Other businesses have also requested storyboard development, script writing, professional voice-over narration, in addition to the above mentioned services and prices can be as low as $1800-$2000 but in many cases these larger web video marketing productions range between $3000 to $5000. Keep in mind, marketing videos typically require a significant amount of on-location production times as well as post production editing services. Developing a concept, telling your story to reflect your company’s vision and brand and then creating a marketing video that is consistent with your vision is indeed time-consuming. But quality matters and your potential customers to do appreciate the well produced video with relevant content.

Marketing videos are not the only type of videos which our clients in the Western Mass region have been using. Consequently, the pricing structure for video production could have a different cost range. As an example, we recently completed a marketing video production for an attorney in Springfield, Massachusetts who will be using his videos within his blogs. The videos have an average run time of two minutes, and consist of basic informational videos during which the client talks straight into the camera, more or less uninterrupted, providing useful information and advice to his audience. These two minute informational web videos may require a script which is prepared by the client. These types of videos require less post production and editing time. Much of the cost for video production lies in both the concept development, pre-production planning, and post production services.

Therefore, to be clear on what type of web video or marketing video your business or organization requires will determine how much production time, resources, and cost is required.

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