Western Massachusetts videographer produces web video for west springfield technology company

Kim Durand and Brett Normandeau of Normandeau Technologies in West Springfield, MA partner with eTown Videos for their online web video production

A 3-minute high quality web video can save your web visitors 30 minutes or more

Normandeau Technologies, located in West  Springfield, MA, is a business which specializes in telecommunications and computer networking. Telecommunications and data networking is a highly competitive industry – finding effective online marketing strategies means distinguishing yourself from the competition. This is a real challenge for most telecommunications businesses. Making things more difficult is the fact that these products can be rather complicated to understand for many customers trying to find a telecommunications service provider for their companies. For example, if you were to look at half a dozen telecom websites, you will find they pretty much say the same things using similar  industry jargon – not much fun for any potential customer. Some text is necessary on any website but using words, diagrams, and stock photos as the only means to communicate is simply not enough to distinguish you from the rest.

What to do?

We need to humanize the experience of researching a sophisticated technology field such telecommunications by adding online video. The reason online video productions are so effective is because they are a form of face to face communications. Our brains are wired to decode face to face communications almost instantly. The written word isn’t nearly as effective in conveying concepts and ideas. Normandeau Technologies decided to partner with eTown Videos to develop several web videos  in which the company management communicates information about the history, products, and services in a friendly and personal manner. Without further ado – take a look at the above video.

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