How Western Mass Businesses Establish Trust with a Web Video Testimonial

Web video commercials using testimonials

Web Commercials with client testimonials

Establishing trust with client testimonial videos

In the online world trust is a central issue. Additionally, for a prospective client it is easy to loose interest in a website having an endless array of choices to click. As a video production company, one of our tasks is to help businesses persuade their prospective clients to stay on their website. This process must happen quickly and interestingly. One of the most effective methods in building trust is through client testimonial videos.

What storytelling elements must be included in a client testimonial video?

  • Briefly state what services and products your client offers
  • Your client should state the problem they were facing before using your product
  • Describe which solution they chose for their business
  • Explain how the chosen solution solved their problem
  • Provide a recommendation to other businesses to use your products or services

Why are testimonial videos so effective? A client who is willing to state publicly that they endorse your company will come across significantly more believable than any self-promotion. There are any number of statements a business can make about their own services, and many companies do just that. It’s entirely reasonable to describe your services and products in a manner that best highlights your business. However, a customer testimonial video can convey your strengths much more convincingly. A prospective client will relate to a satisfied customer more readily.

A client testimonial video must also be more than sound bites and nice footage. The video needs to have an inspiring narrative and professional look and feel. After all, your and your client’s reputations depend on it. Here at eTown Videos we make sure that the audio, lighting, and video footage are in line with a professional video production.

Here is an example of a client testimonial video production produced by eTown Videos.

If you are considering a testimonial video and require advice and pricing information, please contact us. We will respond with creative ideas and cost estimates.

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