Creating attention grabbing holographic video animations with Adobe After Effects

I still believe that the art of storytelling continues to be the core of our video production process. We spent much time upfront to gain a deep understanding of the customers’ vision and passion for their business. Without this upfront investment of time and effort any video producer would be hard-pressed to tell a compelling story about their clients’ business, history, and services.

However, in order to add that extra oomph and lift the entire production value, we also add several visual effects and animations. Some animations are simply just fun to do and can add some excitement to a video production, on the other hand,   animations can also be very helpful and useful in highlighting certain aspects of a company.

Below are two videos that highlight just a few areas of visual effects and motion graphics, but the possibilities are endless and I’ll be sure to add more examples to this blog in the coming weeks and months which I hope will delight and entertain you. In the mean time enjoy these videos or contact us if you’d like to learn more about our video production process.