What is your cancellation policy?

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The general rule is as follows: Cancellation of a production that is already in progress will result in the forfeiture of all or a portion of the deposit paid. However, we will always work with you to either reschedule a production or change the scope if necessary. It is our to goal to make sure you are happy with us [...]

Our staff has never been on camera before, can you help?

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Being on camera for the first time does not have to result in sleepless nights. We have worked with many businesses and individuals in all types of situations. In fact, most find the video production process very enjoyable and fun. Our staff is very skilled at making you comfortable and at ease. We make certain you are fully prepared on [...]

What is included in a video production proposal?

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eTown Videos' proposals include the following: Executive Summary - a brief overview of the video project. Scoping Document - the scoping document covers project objectives, shoot location, number of days of filming, editing & changes, how video will be delivered, cancellation policies, payment schedule, list of project team members, and a detailed quote.

When do you expect payment for your video services?

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Once you have accepted the proposal we require a signed copy and a 50% deposit to begin the video production. The final 50% is due when we have agreed on the final version of your video(s). As soon as the final payment has been received we will deliver your completed video(s) via DVD or electronic file or both.

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