Understanding what your business video audience wants from your web video commercial

How long should my web video commercial be?Few business managers and decision makers will watch an 8-10 minute video about your company. How do we know? Well, we learned early on through slightly painful experiences that videos which are 5-10 minutes long will lose a large share of the viewing audience on the internet after a couple of minutes. Plenty of research confirms our own experience. The videos which have been most effective for our clients were generally 1-3 minutes in length. Secondly, your target audience requires relevant information which will quickly point out how your products or services solve their problems and satisfy their needs. Finally, your internet video audience wants your video to have an appealing production style. In today’s multimedia-rich environment, your audience  enjoys a fairly high production value. By high production value I mean the quality of the video, most viewers will watch a video which is stylish, attractive, and utilizes high quality film-making skills.

Therefore, your video needs to be brief and to the point, convey relevant content about your company and industry, and be produced in a stylish and entertaining format that will keep your audience watching for 2-3 minutes.  I’d like to make a few comments on how to achieve the above production elements.

1. Brief and to the point: Define your target audience and describe your buyer persona for the video production. List 3 main features/benefits which will help your targeted viewer (customer, buyer, student, member) solve a problem.

2. Current and relevant content: The video message should relate to current developments in your customer’s industry which will be part of your video production company’s initial research prior to writing the script or developing the storyboard.

3. Style and quality: A stylish and quality production does not need to be a big budget event. The completed project should be a professional quality video which includes adequate sound and lighting, crisp and clean images, appropriate musical scores and animation, and an overall attractiveness that suits the image of your organization or business.

The above information provides you with a good starting point to keep your video production focused with a clear message.

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