How much should a two-minute promotional video cost?

A common question with no easy answer. I’d like to address the question of how to obtain video production cost and pricing for your business. As I am not that familiar with other video production companies’ pricing policies – this blog post will focus primarily on how we process pricing requests at eTown Videos. I fully understand the importance of an estimated cost which a prospective client may need for budgetary purposes, and we  strive to provide the most accurate cost estimate we can. Each video project we have been involved in is different, each with individual requirements which is why we take the time to customize each proposal. Therefore, we ask visitors who visit our website ( looking for pricing to fill out a very brief form to help us understand your video needs so that we can provide you with pricing. If you require a detailed and customized quote, we recommend a phone call during which we can learn much more about your business and industry.

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“Why can’t you just list the pricing on your website?”

It’s a point we recently discussed internally. How can we provide pricing information on our website without over simplifying the entire video production process? Video production is not “one size fits all” as each video style and format represents your business or organization in a different way. To illustrate this point, some of the most common web video formats are: Marketing and promotional videos, training or how-to videos, customer testimonials, trade shows, and virtual tours. There are other aspects which factor into a video production which determine the types of resources needed during the video production such as: script development, voice over narration, actors, lighting requirements, number of camera people, etc. The question “how much does a video production cost?”, is challenging to answer without some additional information. But we can help….please keep reading.

We’d like to offer a comprise to accommodate your need for video production costs

Let’s say you haven’t fully developed your video objectives and you’d like to get a video pricing estimate. If that’s the case then we’d like to ask you to complete our  Web Video Quote Request Form and provide us with as much information as you’d like to share with us. We don’t want to make you fill out long forms so feel free to enter a note in the message form. For example, let us know what type of video you are interested in, e.g. a marketing and promotional video, a trade show video, or a training video series for your website. Once we’ve reviewed your online request we will email you pricing examples. Video production pricing examples are generally an excellent starting point and should provide you with sufficient data for your online marketing budget.

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Yes, we will ask for your email address and many folks are hesitant to provide their email address to a company that they may not be familiar with. That’s quite understandable, I am cautious also when it comes to filling out forms online which ask for my email address. However, please be assured that we will not share your email address with anyone and we are committed to protecting your privacy,  I also  invite you to review our privacy policy.

If your online marketing plans already include a fairly comprehensive video production objective then please free to let us know, we’d be happy to discuss and develop a customized video production proposal.

We are grateful you’ve spent time on our website and will do whatever possible to accommodate your cost and pricing requests for your business video production.