Perfect time for small businesses and affordable video marketing ads

High audience engagement through video marketing on Facebook

As a follow up to my post from yesterday about digital video marketing trends for 2015, I’d like to add a few comments regarding video marketing on Facebook for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).

Online video marketing advertising

The time is perfect for affordable video marketing ads on Facebook.

Facebook stated in March during their F8 conference that their users are now watching 4 billion videos each day. The last time Google reported their daily views, in 2012, it said it had 4 billion daily views on YouTube. It’s probably higher now. But either way, Facebook is now a major competitor to the video king, YouTube.

Note: It is noteworthy to state that Facebook viewing metrics count a view after only 3 seconds, while a YouTube view has a longer duration to be counted as a view.

Mobile and video views

75% of video views are now taking place on mobile devices, which should be no surprise to most marketers. Hence the recent Google algorithm updates to give mobile-friendly websites better ranking when searches are performed on mobile devices.

What’s really cool is that many small businesses are now creating marketing videos for small ad buys, in fact, over 1 million SMBs have been posting video ads on Facebook. Here at eTown Videos, we’ve run tests with client video marketing ads, which we’ve produced. The results the ads yielded were excellent based on likes, shares, and most importantly – audience engagement. Engagement tends to be much higher on Facebook than on YouTube.

Many small businesses would not buy TV ad time due to the significantly higher costs, but Facebook provides SMBs with a much more affordable video advertising option.

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