a big shift in video marketing is underway

Facebook and YouTube were by far the most popular channels.










77.8 % of respondents in a recent survey by Mixpo  ran a video marketing campaign on YouTube in 2014, while 63% chose Facebook during the same year. The survey included 125 agencies, brands, and publishers and shows us some of the recent trends to reach consumers through social media channels.

Facebook and YouTube were by far the most popular channels. But Facebook is about to see a huge increase in video marketing and advertising campaigns. 87% of respondents plan to launch marketing campaigns on Facebook in 2015, while 81.5% will do so on YouTube. The survey also shows that Twitter and Instagram will see a jump in video advertising.

Audience engagement is more important than exposure

Exposure is nice but the most important metric on social media channels is audience engagement. Shares and time spent watching the videos was also very important, but marketers want more than likes and shares, they want to build a relationship with their audience.

It is interesting to note that YouTube has been seeing a slight rise in unique visitors while Facebook has seen a steady drop in visitors since summer of 2014. Either way, many marketers are seeing Facebook as an important video marketing option.

I am not sure about you, but I am an avid Facebook user but rarely interact with a YouTube video. So I found this survey quite interesting as I appear to use Facebook and YouTube differently then many consumers.

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