Less is more when selling houses with online video

When shopping for a home, web visitors will find that most realtors’ web sites rely mostly on photo slide shows to display homes to prospective buyers. The real estate industry has not yet fully embraced web video while the general Internet audience is consuming video in record numbers. But more and more real estate firms are beginning to look at web video as a marketing tool to help boost sales in a slow real estate market.

Video run time is critical in video real estate marketing plans

Potential home buyers looking for a house online tend to go through listings and photo slideshows relatively quickly. While a video increases the effectiveness of the real estate listing, the run time should not be longer than 30 seconds. 30 seconds is plenty of time for a prospective buyer to  decide whether or not the home is of interest. However, if the prospective home buyer has a high interest level, a longer version of the web video will add significant marketing punch and should be made available if the prospective buyer chooses to view it.

I am suggesting that listings of homes, particularly those which have been on the market for some time, should have a video viewing option which includes a 90-120 second video tour of the house. An interested home buyer wants to know everything about the home: How do the floors look? Is the bathroom clean? Has the kitchen been renovated lately? What is the view like?

A two minute web video gives a home buyer prospect much more visual information about a house than photos do. The seller will be able to attract interested buyers from geographically dispersed locations who otherwise would not have shown an interest in the property.

Use a professional, affordable videographer who is able to show your home in a visually pleasing and attention grabbing style.  A poorly produced video is worse than no video at all. A professional real estate video tour can increase the rate of conversion from web visitor to serious home buyer in two minutes time!

Hope you found this video helpful and feel free to view our video  animation and special effects clips.