Turn Your Powerpoint Presentations Into An Attention Grabbing Multimedia Presentation

Don’t get me wrong, PowerPoint presentations still a have a valuable place in sales and marketing. However, increasingly in 2011, we are receiving requests by clients who wish to turn their PowerPoint presentations into multimedia video presentations. They are looking to achieve a higher degree of viewer engagement though attention grabbing animation and an aesthetically pleasing presentation. At the same time, the presentation has to be matched to the client’s corporate vision and image. The most common types of requests are from companies that sell technical products and services, consulting firms looking to convey innovative concepts and ideas as well as start-up websites who require a multimedia presentation to help new web visitors navigate their new websites. Well produced multimedia video presentations will have a positive impact on your online marketing and increase sales. Let’s dive into some specifics:

How to plan a multimedia video production:

  1. As I have stated in several previous posts, focus on your customers. What do they want to buy? Do you have a clear understanding of the buyer persona of your primary clientele? Typically clients don’t care about long lists of features and benefits, but they do care if you can solve their problems and fill a business need. Therefore, get clear on who you are selling to.
  2. Now that you understand your customers’ perceptions and needs, you may move on to allocating the necessary resources to create your multimedia production. Your resources will include a professional video production company with experienced videographers (you may require some live action shots), graphic designer, computer animator, voice over talent, and script writer, and any existing PowerPoint presentations. You may not require all production elements but it’s good to be clear on all available creative resources. Next, let your production team create and develop a multimedia video presentation.
  3. In most cases you will require some sort of script development as well as storyboard development when creating a compelling message, which means an experienced script writer will need to be involved at this stage. A well written script will drive the multimedia video presentation and is a critical element in most productions. Typically, storyboard development follows the completion and approval of the script.
  4. If your presentation includes narration then a professional voice over talent can bring just the right amount of persuasion and authoritative tone to match your corporate image.
  5. Most multimedia presentations which we have developed are being delivered via web video. Some video productions incorporate interactivity so that the viewer can quickly move to the section which is of most interest to them. Many productions also include live video with graphic and animation overlays. The professional video shoot in combination with animation and graphic effects will set you apart from your competitors’ presentation slides. (Feel free to contact eTown Videos if you wish to view animation and multimedia samples).
  6. The completed project may be distributed via a company website, YouTube, Facebook etc. You may want to review my recent post entitled “Post Your Video On Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube; Your Online Marketing Depends On It”
  7. Finally, make sure the entire team is on board with the production process, you will need 100% buy-in from the client and your creative team –  clear vision and agreement among all players will prevent potential headaches down the road.

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