Western Mass Businesses Embrace Fun Visual Effects For Their Promotional Video Productions

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Attention Grabbing Visual Effects For Your Business Marketing Videos Storytelling is still one of the most important aspects of our video production process. In other words, much time is spent to get a deep understanding of your business values, your mission, and the products and services you offer.  Additionally, we like to add some attention grabbing visual effects that make [...]

Video Blog: Why Restaurants Would Benefit From A Web Video

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Why restaurants would benefit from a video tour to attract more customers In a soft economy, many consumers are cutting back on things such as shopping, movies, and dining out. But cutting back does not mean consumers have chosen to abandon an evening out on the town completely. However, consumers have become more selective when deciding where to spend their [...]

As A Small Business Owner, Do I Need A Website For My Web Video?

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Can a small business benefit from web video marketing without a website? If you are considering having a professional web video produced for your business then it is not necessary for you to have your own website. I am not suggesting that you don’t get a website at all, but if you currently do not have a website for your [...]

Does promotional web video really work?

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Should we get a promotional web video? Frankly, I think the question of whether or not you should get a promotional web video for your small business or corporate needs has already been answered. Back in 2006, we spent a significant amount of time explaining the benefits of web video and why businesses should post them [...]

Corporate Video | Promotional Video

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Corporate video and promotional video; marketing strategies for enhancing your corporate brand online The eTown Videos team at national conference preparing to film a keynote presenter. Developing a sound online corporate video and promotional video production is critical for almost any online marketing effort. Corporate web video productions have [...]

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