Videographer vs Video Production Company

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Videographer vs. Video Production Company Which One is Right for Your Project? Your next video project can potentially leave a lasting impression and reach a large audience. Unlocking that potential starts with a critical choice: entrusting your vision to a skilled videographer or an experienced video production company. While both options can offer high-quality results, there are some key [...]

14 Sales Boosting Tips From Your Springfield MA Videographer

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Elevate Your Brand with Video Content: Insider Tips from eTown Videos, Your Springfield MA Videographer Experts Struggling with lackluster video content that fails to capture your audience's attention? As a marketing manager, you know the importance of using visual content to elevate your brand. Whether creating commercials, social media ads, or corporate videos, having a professional Springfield MA videographer [...]

7 Key Tips for Hiring a Videographer in Springfield MA

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The Local Advantage: 7 Expert Tips for Hiring a Videographer in Springfield MA Marketing managers understand the significance of videos in building their brand image and attracting their audience. Thus, hiring a professional videographer in Springfield MA can be a wise move to create a perfect video for your organization but the task of making the right hiring choice [...]

Compelling Reasons to Hire a Local Video Production Company in Springfield MA

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Why Hiring a Local Video Production Company in Springfield MA is the Best Choice for Your Business A local video production company in Springfield MA, such as eTown Videos, plays a vital role in the success of your business. As a marketing manager, you're well aware of the importance of video in the contemporary digital landscape. Video production is a [...]

Videographer Rates: Figuring Out How Much Your Next Video Will Cost

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Videographer Rates: A Guide to Figuring Out How Much Your Next Video Will Cost Are you a marketing manager or business owner in Springfield, Northampton, or greater Boston, Massachusetts, looking to create a promotional or testimonial video for your business but have no idea what to expect in terms of cost? Well, fear not! This guide will help you [...]

How healthcare video stories change patients’ lives

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How healthcare video stories change patients’ lives Increasingly, healthcare providers are turning to video storytelling to help communicate a value, concept, or a point of view. A healthcare system which includes a human-focused treatment plan and performance data have proven to be extremely effective. The reason is that a rational argument with data and charts is often not as [...]

Conference Videographers to Educate, Motivate, and Reduce Costs

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Conference and Trade Show Videographers You and a handful of colleagues from your company just returned from an exciting and inspiring industry conference. Unfortunately, budget constraints and logistics made it impossible to bring additional employees to the conference. Therefore, consider hiring a conference videographer for your next conference and provide your organization and clients with a motivational and educational video experience upon your [...]

3 Video Marketing Mistakes Which Will Result In Poor Viewer Engagement

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These video marketing mistakes will lead to poor conversions Quality, brevity, and focus are key elements in any video marketing campaign Video is on top of the list of every major marketing project in 2015. One of the main purposes of video is to engage viewers and convert prospective clients into loyal customers. Video [...]

Video Marketing Is An Investment and NOT An Expense For Western Mass

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3 Tips to maximise your video marketing ROI Peter Drucker once noted: “Nothing happens until someone sells something”. If your business is in the selling business, and who isn’t in one way or another, then you need to advertise. Word of mouth alone may not be enough. When we began producing promotional videos in 2006 for Western Mass businesses, [...]

Better Video With The iPhone 5, Will You Upgrade?

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Reviewing video and photo feature upgrades for the iPhone 5 As a video producer it is always of interest when new or improved mobile video technology is being brought to the market. Naturally, I was very curious to see what types of upgrades Apple would offer in terms of the new iPhone5 and it’s video and photo capabilities. I will [...]

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