Why Should You Upload Your Company Video To Facebook?

This post is a follow up to my recent post entitled “Post Your Video On Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube; Your Online Marketing Depends On It“. Below I will focus on Facebook and video marketing.

People spent most of their time on social media sites more than on any other area on the Internet. With over 500 million Facebook users, Facebook is leading the social media activity.  A recent Webtrends research report states that social media has become the number one activity on the Internet. Major brands such a Starbucks and Coca Cola have 10 times the number of fans than they receive in monthly visitors to their corporate website – this is a significant shift of where people spend their time. For example: Starbucks has 19,800,000 fans on Facebook and 1,800,000 monthly visitors to their website. The study also shows that 76% of  “Fans” visit Facebook daily.

While the average small business may not have more than a few hundred or a few thousand fans, your online marketing strategy certainly should include acquiring Facebook fans and exploring ways to engage those fans with your company and your brand.

Video and video links are among the most effective marketing strategies to engage your fan base. If you post your video blog, footage of a company event, customer testimonials, or a product introduction, you will find that users generally share or comment on your video content with much higher frequency than other content. However, as I mentioned is previous posts, Facebook users typically do not like being sold when they engage with your fan page. They might expect it at  a corporate website such as a car manufacturer or clothing store – but it is a big “turn-off” on a company Facebook fan page. Therefore, you must offer something of value to your fan base and avoid direct sales pitches. Nevertheless, use video and Facebook to help accomplish your business goals.

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