A Beginners Guide To Online Training Video Production

training video production cost and pricing Let’s face it, we all had to sit through a boring training video at some point during our careers. The biggest challenge was trying to stay awake. The fact is that many training videos can be boring. The question is how do we transform an employee training video into a motivational training video. We’ve been creating and producing training videos for external and internal messaging for clients in Western Massachusetts and throughout New England since 2006. We have learned what works and what does not.

When creating training videos there are 4 primary areas we like to focus on:

1.The script

2.Run time

3.Presenter/Voice-Over Narration

4.Post Production

Developing A Script For Your Training Video

The scripts are the driving engine for most videos and they become a sort of master document for the entire production. If your script is dull and boring, then the presentation will also be dull and boring. Therefore, invest much time and effort in developing and creating a script for your training videos.

It is very helpful when developing the script to speak or read it out loud to make sure the material is concise and has a conversational style.

You need to develop a script that is succinct and easily understandable. Avoid the easy way out by copying instructions from a safety manual or employee training documents.  Keep it simple and easy to speak. Here at eTown Videos, we have partnered with knowledgeable and experienced scriptwriters and we’d gladly assist with script development. Spending time upfront in developing an effective script will go a long way in the success of your training videos and keep production costs down.

Run time – How long will the video need to be?

Knowing the length of the completed training video will be very helpful for budgeting purposes and in terms of script development. On average, 120 words will be a good pace for each minute of the completed training video. In other words, a 15-minute training video would have approximately 1800 words.

In terms of video shoot time, a 10-minute completed training video could take a full day of on-location production time. These ballpark figures are guidelines and vary somewhat depending on the subject matter, but they are indeed a good a starting point in creating your training videos.

On-location production time can cost anywhere between $600-$2500/day depending on the need for lighting, special audio equipment, production assistance, multi-camera setup, etc. Additionally, each scene may need to be filmed several times to capture the consistency and flow of the training video.

Preparation Of The Presenter or Voice-Over Professional

Your training material presenter needs to be well prepared but should also have an engaging speaking and presentation style. Often, the businesses we work with have their own in-house person to conduct the training, but in many cases we hire professional presenters and voice-over talents. Professional presenters have the skill and experience to deliver the material in a style that keeps your audience’s attention with just the right tonality and pace. It can make a big difference in the feel and flow of your completed videos. If you have not considered using professional presenters or actors it is definitely worth considering. We have access to talented individuals and can help in finding just the right person for the on camera talent.

Editing – Deliver A Professional Training Video Production

Post-Production requires a skilled editor who has experience based on handling hundreds or thousands of hours of footage. He or she will know exactly where to make a cut or where to add an effect. Professional editors have the ability to take the raw footage and create a video that can wow an audience.

For example, we can use animated titles that look professional and match your corporate identity and branding. Often, motion graphic titles or text can be helpful pointers to provide the content with additional context. On screen text will also help emphasize important points in the training video.

The end product is a video, which not only grips your audience but also matches your corporate style and temperament. A well thought-out and produced training video will have a long lasting effect in training and motivating your staff.

Training videos can be viewed online so that employees may view them from anywhere, anytime, on any device. The videos can also be delivered in DVD or other formats for group sessions.

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