Locally produced travel photography and music, a delightful match for eyes and ears

During my work as a video creator in Western Massachusetts, I often get to travel to areas which I normally may not have an opportunity to visit. Ironically, one of my favorite cities to capture both on video and with photography is actually right in our own backyard. Recently, I began capturing Easthampton with my still camera (instead of my usual video gear), and I began sharing the photos on eTown Videos’ Facebook page and Twitter. I was a bit surprised to see that the photos seemed to have found an audience, after all, the video camera is usually my primary tool :-).  Well, I decided to take a few of my favorite photos and I assembled them into a slideshow. The title is “Timeless. Beauty in Easthampton, MA”.

Additionally, I was fortunate enough to have met Manfred Melcher, a highly talented Easthampton acoustic guitarist and contemporary instrumental composer. When I was first introduced to his music,  I was instantly drawn to it and I asked if he’d be interested in providing one of his songs for my Easthampton slideshow, he graciously agreed. I think the photography and his music make a beautiful combination and work well together in highlighting a truly unique city, Easthampton, Massachusetts. I invite you to watch this 2-minute video and I hope you find it as enjoyable as I did in creating it.

Thank very much to all who have liked and shared the photos – it is indeed a pleasure.