So You Got a Video Proposal – Now What???

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So you got a proposal from that great video production house you researched and met with. What's next? Sven Kielhorn, Owner, Creative & Marketing Director at eTown Videos First off, read through the whole proposal. The entire scope of your project should be outlined, the contact people from your office and the videographer’s office should [...]

Are You Struggling To Connect The Dots From Online Video to ROI?

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Let’s take a look at return on investment (ROI) and online video Most of us accept the notion that online video has an engaging and persuasive  effect on its viewer audience. In fact, I blogged about viewing habits of senior executives a few days ago. In that blog post I reviewed a study by Forbes [...]

How Much Does A Business Web Video Production Cost?

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How much should a two-minute promotional video cost?A common question with no easy answer. I’d like to address the question of how to obtain video production cost and pricing for your business. As I am not that familiar with other video production companies’ pricing policies – this blog post will focus primarily on how we process [...]

Does promotional web video really work?

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Should we get a promotional web video? Frankly, I think the question of whether or not you should get a promotional web video for your small business or corporate needs has already been answered. Back in 2006, we spent a significant amount of time explaining the benefits of web video and why businesses should post them [...]

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