How Much Does a Customer Testimonial Video Production Cost?

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How Much Does a Customer Testimonial Video Production Cost? The Value of Customer Testimonial Videos In today's competitive business landscape, companies are always looking for ways to stand out and build trust with their audience. One of the most effective methods is through customer testimonial videos. These videos showcase real customers sharing their positive experiences with your products or [...]

On Location with Thomas Brown, Director, Easthampton Learning Foundation

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eTown Videos speaks with Tom Brown of Easthampton Savings Bank about the Easthampton Learning Foundation. Video member spotlight to highlight the Easthampton Learning FoundationToday we met with Thomas Brown (SVP, Easthampton Savings Bank) to talk about upcoming changes for the Easthampton Learning Foundation. This video interview is part of the monthly video spotlight for the Greater Easthampton Chamber of [...]

Easthampton Community Center Is Celebrating 40 Years Of Service in Western Massachusetts

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Video highlights of our visit at the Easthampton Community Center in Easthampton, Massachusetts It's been truly a wonderful experience working with the Easthampton Chamber of Commerce and producing the monthly video spotlights for the chamber. The businesses, organizations, and of course the people we meet are indeed exceptional. Last month we met Robin Bialecki, Executive Director of the Easthampton Community [...]

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