How to impress your audience with a corporate sales video

How to impress your audience with a corporate sales video

Your corporate video audience has become mobile

Corporate video presentations have been around since the early 1980’s but they didn’t become a phenomenon until the late 1990’s when costs for video productions became more affordable.

However, corporate videos are far from becoming a commodity. The reason is because many corporate video productions are actually pretty bad. As I stated in previous blog posts, an audience in 2014 expects a top-notch media presentation that is professionally produced. Your corporate brand depends on it. For example, if you open a sales conference with an impressive video production it’ll set you apart from other businesses and organizations right from the start!

Here are four mistakes you should never make in your corporate video:

Mistake 1: Uninspiring Script Development and Storyboarding

Script development is as important as ever. Too many videographers and filmmakers want to rush out on location and start filming before the concept or idea has been thoroughly thought out and written down. The excitement of a new corporate sales video is palpable for both the client and the video production company but the written word must come first. Not only is script writing the first step in the video production, but also it must be done around an inspiring concept and idea. The script should be informative but also entertaining. You want people to talk about the video, share it, and watch it again.

Spend time developing a script and if you don’t have an in-house copywriter feel free to give us call, we work with several very talented scriptwriters.

Mistake 2: Boring Visual Style 

Encoding your existing PowerPoint slideshow and using it as your corporate video presentation is not a good idea. The modern audience is fairly tired of seeing the same familiar template effects – they expect more. In fact, it requires more to keep them engaged and interested.

The style of your video should be eye-catching, big and bright. Your audience will find that the combination of live action video shoots and motion graphics is lively and enthusiastic. Show footage of your employees and work environment, let people in and show them who you are. People will be much more likely to contact and engage you if they have a chance to get to know you a little better through the video first.

For example, what if you had an animated graph or a pie chart with innovative 3D camera angles to share data with your audience? Wouldn’t that be more interesting than a flat, boring slide? Also, animated explainer videos are fun and informative whether the video includes a whiteboard animation or character animation. (For examples feel free to view our video portfolio.) Be lively and exciting – your audience will appreciate it and they expect it. Make yourself memorable; don’t be afraid to stand out.

Mistake 3: Using a Dated Music Track

All corporate video productions require a music track; very (very) few will not have one. Music is critical in establishing an emotional tone and feel. Often the music is subtle, perhaps hardly detectable and sometimes it is more pronounced. Not only is a music track critical but also it must be a contemporary style and match your corporate brand and identity. Choose a track that’s upbeat and leaves the audience feeling good. Don’t choose a track that’s too epic or grand because it can leave the audience down or confused. Music tastes change constantly; therefore, develop an awareness of modern sounds.

Mistake 4: Forgetting About Your Mobile Audience

If you present your corporate video at a sales conference and later for online viewing then remember your mobile audience. We still see a significant amount of video players and websites that are not properly optimized for mobile viewing. Your audience has gone mobile and they view your videos from smartphones and tablets. In fact, the mobile video audience is watching more videos, and they are watching each video longer. For many businesses, the mobile audience watching their videos can range between 30%-50%.

Before I conclude this post, a quick note on DVD distribution. If you are still sending out DVDs then be aware that the DVD viewing audience is rapidly shrinking and your video may not be watched if DVDs are your primary delivery method. Your audience is online!

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