How to get the most mileage out of your business marketing video

For many businesses video marketing has become an essential part of their online marketing strategy. However, I’ve also found that many businesses after receiving the completed video production, struggle to figure out how to actually get the most mileage out of their business marketing video.
Most of our clients are located in Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, and New Hampshire but the following  suggestions would apply equally to most businesses in any location.

OK, so you just viewed the final draft of the completed video production, and you absolutely love it, and you can’t wait to share the web video with your colleagues, peers, and friends. But how do you make sure that the video will continue to be viewed after the initial burst of excitement?

What follows are a few simple tips to make sure that you get the most mileage out of your new marketing video:

  1. Create a YouTube channel (instructions are easily found on YouTube). YouTube is the number two search engine in the world and I highly recommend posting a video on YouTube. It is the go-to-place for video searches. Feel free to host your video on other sites as well but YouTube is a must.
  2. Use search terms in the YouTube heading for your video which people actually use to search for products and services in your specific industry. Unless you have a highly recognizable brand or company name – be sure to use descriptive search terms.
  3. In the description section of your YouTube video, also make sure you add terms that people would use to try to find your products and services. One of the first lines in your descriptions should have a call-to-action (e.g. get a quote, call for appointment, get directions, etc.). Assist people in getting in touch with you or how to find you after they just watched your engaging and captivating online marketing videos.
  4. After creating your YouTube link with your video, copy that link into your email signature. Make it a part of your email signature and invite people to watch the video. Specifically mention the words “watch” or “video”. You’ll be surprised how effective this simple technique is, folks just love watching videos.
  5. Embed or post the video into your website. This may require assistance from the individual who is managing your website but it’s essential in creating awareness for your brand and business.
  6. If your company has a Facebook page or is represented on LinkedIn – distribute your video to as many social media outlets as possible and engage your fan base and connections. Most social media platforms allow for free hosting or posting of your video. You could either upload your web video to sites like LinkedIn and Facebook or simply post a YouTube link.
  7. Finally, you could include your video in your next newsletter with a click-able image to your online video.

The above tips are just a few of the many ways to spread the work about your business or organization with web video.

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