Why should marketing and advertising agencies work with eTown Videos?

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Contact us and find out for yourself why businesses and agencies love working with the eTown Videos team.

Partnering with a new video provider seems to bring so many unknowns. As a marketing or advertising agency you may ask yourself “Are they dependable, professional and responsive? Will it be a good fit with our clients?” It can feel a little risky choosing a video production company to work with.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Agencies Partner with eTown Videos:

1. Video Production Experience

Not only do the videos have to be convincing and persuasive, they require specific industry and business insight.

Since 2006, we have been producing training, marketing, and multimedia videos for close to 100 clients in dozens of industries. We have worked in the academic, corporate, non-profit, and small business sectors.  The variety of industry experience we have gained adds value to your clients’ projects.

Having worked with agencies throughout Western Massachusetts and New England, we also understand the need for timeliness, responsiveness, and confidentiality. Our production process functions in a highly collaborative setting where all production phases are transparent and cloud based for easy access by our client contacts.

Unless an agency specifically asks us to reach out to a client we will never independently contact them. If an agency does ask us to contact a client directly then all communications are shared to make sure you are always up to date.

2. Proven Video Production Process

Our video production process provides us with the ability to deliver projects on time. We also have the ability to fast track a video project because of our comprehensive in-house resources such as script development, motion graphics, animations, equipment, and post production editing.

Our skill set and video production experience allows us to produce videos and multimedia presentations more cost effectively with a higher production value than many in-house agency productions. Most agencies that work with us view eTown Videos as an extension of their existing client services. Our range of services compliments the offerings of marketing and advertising agencies particularly well.

3. Creativity

We are passionate about creativity and love producing videos that help our clients communicate more impressively, creatively, and persuasively. Not a day goes by that we don’t learn and develop new skills, ideas, and concepts to make our video productions even better.

Contact us and find out for yourself why businesses and agencies love working with the eTown Videos team.

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