How to create a video marketing plan in 3 basic steps

How to create a video marketing plan in 3 basic steps

Three Basic Steps to Create A Video Marketing Plan

The reasons you need a video marketing plan are outlined in this brief overview of web visitors’ behavior:

In the somewhat distant past, clients opened the phone book (remember those?) and called a toll free number. Today, talking to a sales person is usually a last step.

The first time a customer visits your website, they are doing research about your services or product. They rarely buy or sign up on the first visit. Customers today do their research before they ever talk to a rep or fill out an online form. In a nutshell, they visit you and two or three competitor sites, they discuss the services with friends and colleagues, and if they still think your website offers value then they come back and make an inquiry for more information or about cost.

When your prospect visits, how can we make it easier for them to understand your offering? How can we speed up the sales cycle? It is perhaps no surprise that I mention web video production in this context, after all it’s what we have been specializing in throughout Western Massachusetts since 2006.

Really, the prospects want more than an intro video (if you even have one), they look for testimonials, reviews, product videos, tutorials, or training videos. Today, having product and corporate videos available on your website is not a novelty, it is a must. The benefits of using online web video are well-researched facts and video will help you in generating B2B and B2C leads. We have seen significant spikes on client web pages and lead generation pages which feature targeted videos.

To recap, clients want plenty of relevant information before they call a sales person. And they expect that information to be concise and in video format. The manner in which prospects consume company information has changed and it requires a structured video marketing approach.

Three Basic Steps to Create A Video Marketing Plan:

1. What do you want to say or should you say? What is the basic promise or proposition your service or product offers? A video marketing plan requires research and analysis for your marketplace as well as your products and services. Developing a concise message about what your company needs to say is step one.

2.  Who are we saying it to? Yes, the age-old marketing question – who is your target audience?  Ask yourself why, when, where, and how often they use your product or service? Analyze your clients’ needs and pain points and understand them clearly.

3. How do you want to say it? At this point you may begin envisioning what your video marketing communications will look like and begin to form video marketing strategies. Most importantly be creative in your approach and keep it simple.

With a well-developed and executed video marketing plan, more leads and conversations will be the result.

There are several options you have if you need further help developing a video marketing plan. If you already hired video production company then ask them to develop one for you. Or, feel free to contact us and meet with us for a complimentary video marketing consultation.

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