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Today’s business audience is busy and they want their videos delivered with brevity and style.

Quality, creativity, and innovation come at a cost but it’s worth the price. As a business owner who has been working with clients in the B2B sector for over 20 years, I can tell you that the best services and products are never the cheapest. Whether the client is a non-profit, academic, technology, or manufacturing business, over and over again the best run companies are never the ones that offer their products or services at a cut-rate price.

To illustrate this point let me use the video production business as an example. Producing marketing and training videos can be quite complex for several reasons. The client may need footage from several different locations, key management people need to be interviewed, footage needs to be shot from many different angles, professional voice-over narrations are required, a professional script needs to be developed, top notch editing is a must, and animation or motion graphics are often needed as well. Each phase of the video production process depends on video specialists with experience. In other words, an excellent final video production has to be evident in every second of the video.

Creating a great B2B video production is more than showing up with a video camera and filming. It requires marketing insights, the ability to collaborate creatively, and knowledge of the technology required to produce contemporary videos.

The Script:

The words must come first and then the visual! Without a great script to keep the viewer’s attention not more than 10-15 seconds of the video will be watched.  People click away because there are so many video choices available they know they can find something better in seconds. Be sure to ask if your video production company works with experienced scriptwriters. Scriptwriters can construct a unique and concise narrative that can be used to create a fluent and engaging video. We have talented script writers on our team who craft scripts that are concise, eloquent, informed, as well as clever and funny when needed. 

The Video Shoot: 

Business video can sometimes require a lot of footage and shots from many different angles to attain both variety and fluent storytelling. Sometimes more than one camera is necessary to give the editor plenty of footage to work with. A filmmaker with an eye on the editing process and the perspective to capture great shots is a must.

Professional Voice-Over Narration:

A professional voice narration can really bring your video production to life. Voice-over narrators are trained voice actors with marketing, promotional, and training video experience. Often we provide test reads to the clients to choose from several different styles of voice narration. A local non-profit organization may have very different needs than a large national brand. Either way, a professional narration can deliver the script in appealing way with just the right emotional tone and style. 

The Editing:

If you give ten editors the same video footage then you will most likely get ten very different completed video productions. There are great editors and not so great editors. Not everyone running a professional editing suite on their PC or Mac has the experience and creative insight to deliver a professional business video that matches today’s high expectations for quality online videos. Great editing is achieved through handling literally hundreds of hours of client footage and knowing exactly where to cut, where to add a slight effect, and where to make just the right amount of color correction. Each editor has a unique style, examine his or her video portfolio carefully to make sure you see something you really like.

Motion Graphics And Animation:

B2B marketers love animation and so does their audience. Motion graphics and animation are included in almost all marketing and training video productions. This does not have to be expensive – but it has to be good. Bad effects can be perceived as a joke, but good motion graphics and animation can pull an audience into the video on an emotional level.

Video Hosting And Delivery:

Clearly, your audience is online and it is mobile. Both consumers and business clients alike not only prefer their videos to be viewable online but they expect it. Therefore, consider how you plan to host your videos.

YouTube is great for SEO and it is free. It is also very cluttered with ads and automatically provides alternate videos for unrelated businesses or even competitors. Vimeo is better but business hosting comes at a cost. There are also companies like Brightcove, a leading video hosting company for many large international businesses.

I have worked with all of them and for most small and mid-sized businesses both YouTube and Vimeo are fine choices. Vimeo is our preference as it delivers a superior hosting platform that has plenty of customized player options and it comes with a great analytical tool to measure how well your video is doing (we include free Vimeo business hosting and custom player branding for all our clients). Is your video company well versed in video hosting technologies? If not, your video may not receive the views it deserves in a way that matters.

If you are comparing price quotes then you have to ask yourself if you are getting a team of video production specialists. Can the company deliver that extra creativity with a contemporary look and feel?  If you pay a lot less you usually get a lot less. Be certain that it is firmly understood what it is you are looking and paying for.

Today’s business audience is busy and they want their videos delivered with brevity and style. Select a full service video production house that can deliver on a promise to create a video that’s concise and creative, as well as  innovative in style.

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