Great Explainer Videos Require Empathy And A New Perspective

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Explainer videos require context to make them accessible and understandable. No matter what your endeavor in life, mastering the art of explaining things is well worth the effort. Explainer videos are a fundamental and important video communication tool. We live in a world with vast amounts of data and information in which facts are difficult to decipher without any [...]

3 Ways To Help Improve Patient Education With Animated Medical Videos

By |2021-04-10T21:16:50+00:00June 1st, 2017|

How animated medical videos safe time and increase health literacy In this blog post you will gain a deeper understanding of how animated medical videos improve patient care. The need for concise, accurate, and easy to understand health information is critical in patient self-care and disease prevention. Outcomes in healthcare improve when patients are proactively engaged with their physicians and [...]

3 Tips To Lowering Production Costs Of Animated Explainer Videos

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How to lower the cost of animated explainer videos Significantly lower the production cost of your next video production. The secret to web video success is delivering valuable content and convenience in the forms of animated explainer videos. Providing your viewers with a choice of how and where they want to consume the video [...]

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