How To Calculate ROI For Your Explainer Video (Before You Buy)

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What is a reasonable expectation for an explainer video ROI? A straightforward approach to calculating explainer video ROI (return of investment) Most web visitors would rather get answers to their questions in a 60 second explainer video than reading ten pages of text. There is plenty of data available that supports that statement. [...]

3 Ways To Help Improve Patient Education With Animated Medical Videos

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How animated medical videos safe time and increase health literacy In this blog post you will gain a deeper understanding of how animated medical videos improve patient care. The need for concise, accurate, and easy to understand health information is critical in patient self-care and disease prevention. Outcomes in healthcare improve when patients are proactively engaged with their physicians and [...]

3D Animators and Motion Graphics Designers Needed

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3D Animators and Motion Graphics: After Effects and/or Lightwave Animators Needed We would love to hear from you if you are passionate about the animation. eTown Videos is a growing and innovative video production company based in Southampton, Massachusetts. We produce high quality marketing, training, and educational videos. eTown Videos is looking for creative 3D Animators [...]

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