What’s Holding Back Sales for Technology Companies?

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Overcoming Barriers to New Technology Adaptation through Web Video I have been selling and marketing technology services and products for over 20 years. Based on my own experience and working with clients in the technology sector, one of the biggest obstacles we have to overcome during the sales process is the fact that technology is usually invisible. Most clients [...]

Video Blog: How To Create An Immediate Impact Video For Technology Companies

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Using animation and 3D graphics to create an immediate impact with a 60 second promotional web video Here is an outline of the points which I address in the video blog: Industries which may be difficult to visualize need a different approach in video production Benefits of video animation and graphic design in web video Identify your target audience during [...]

Immediate Impact Web Videos for IT Companies and Software Developers

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30-second impact videos for technology companies Certain industries are sometimes difficult to visualize such as software developers or  IT companies. Producing a web video for technology companies may require a slightly different approach and a little more creativity. If your business is looking to make an immediate impact at a trade show or on your [...]

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