What’s Holding Back Sales for Technology Companies?

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Overcoming Barriers to New Technology Adaptation through Web Video I have been selling and marketing technology services and products for over 20 years. Based on my own experience and working with clients in the technology sector, one of the biggest obstacles we have to overcome during the sales process is the fact that technology is usually invisible. Most clients [...]

3D Animators and Motion Graphics Designers Needed

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3D Animators and Motion Graphics: After Effects and/or Lightwave Animators Needed We would love to hear from you if you are passionate about the animation. eTown Videos is a growing and innovative video production company based in Southampton, Massachusetts. We produce high quality marketing, training, and educational videos. eTown Videos is looking for creative 3D Animators [...]

How To Avoid Death By PowerPoint – Multimedia Presentations

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Why You Need More Than Bullet Points And A Slideshow - Utilizing Multimedia PresentationsPowerPoint presentations are still perceived to be an effective communications tool but it is not what most spectators expect to see in 2014. In other words, a slow slide-by-slide presentation can lead to viewer fatigue and boredom. Many people have seen too many PowerPoint presentations and they [...]

One Of The Most Humorous Videos We Created

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Fast and Furious Easthampton This was on of those videos we filmed and edited just for fun. Using some sound effects, a fun music track, and I played around with the time-remapping feature in our editing software. Anyway, here's the original facebook post - I thought it might be fun to share it again through a blog post. I promise [...]

Western Mass Businesses Embrace Fun Visual Effects For Their Promotional Video Productions

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Attention Grabbing Visual Effects For Your Business Marketing Videos Storytelling is still one of the most important aspects of our video production process. In other words, much time is spent to get a deep understanding of your business values, your mission, and the products and services you offer.  Additionally, we like to add some attention grabbing visual effects that make [...]

Western Massachusetts Video Production Company Adds Advanced Motion Graphics and Visual Effects

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Creating attention grabbing holographic video animations with Adobe After Effects I still believe that the art of storytelling continues to be the core of our video production process. We spent much time upfront to gain a deep understanding of the customers' vision and passion for their business. Without this upfront investment of time and effort any video producer would be [...]

Turn Your Powerpoint Presentations Into An Attention Grabbing Multimedia Presentation

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Don’t get me wrong, PowerPoint presentations still a have a valuable place in sales and marketing. However, increasingly in 2011, we are receiving requests by clients who wish to turn their PowerPoint presentations into multimedia video presentations. They are looking to achieve a higher degree of viewer engagement though attention grabbing animation and an aesthetically pleasing [...]

Video Blog: How To Create An Immediate Impact Video For Technology Companies

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Using animation and 3D graphics to create an immediate impact with a 60 second promotional web video Here is an outline of the points which I address in the video blog: Industries which may be difficult to visualize need a different approach in video production Benefits of video animation and graphic design in web video Identify your target audience during [...]

Immediate Impact Web Videos for IT Companies and Software Developers

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30-second impact videos for technology companies Certain industries are sometimes difficult to visualize such as software developers or  IT companies. Producing a web video for technology companies may require a slightly different approach and a little more creativity. If your business is looking to make an immediate impact at a trade show or on your [...]

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