4 Embarrassing Corporate Sales Video Mistakes You Better Not Make

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How to impress your audience with a corporate sales video Your corporate video audience has become mobile Corporate video presentations have been around since the early 1980's but they didn't become a phenomenon until the late 1990's when costs for video productions became more affordable. However, corporate videos are far from becoming a commodity. The reason is [...]

How To Avoid Death By PowerPoint – Multimedia Presentations

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Why You Need More Than Bullet Points And A Slideshow - Utilizing Multimedia PresentationsPowerPoint presentations are still perceived to be an effective communications tool but it is not what most spectators expect to see in 2014. In other words, a slow slide-by-slide presentation can lead to viewer fatigue and boredom. Many people have seen too many PowerPoint presentations and they [...]

Turn Your Powerpoint Presentations Into An Attention Grabbing Multimedia Presentation

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Don’t get me wrong, PowerPoint presentations still a have a valuable place in sales and marketing. However, increasingly in 2011, we are receiving requests by clients who wish to turn their PowerPoint presentations into multimedia video presentations. They are looking to achieve a higher degree of viewer engagement though attention grabbing animation and an aesthetically pleasing [...]

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