YouTube or Facebook, a big shift in video marketing is coming

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Facebook and YouTube were by far the most popular channels.                   77.8 % of respondents in a recent survey by Mixpo  ran a video marketing campaign on YouTube in 2014, while 63% chose Facebook during the same year. The survey included 125 agencies, brands, and publishers and shows us some [...]

New England Businesses Utilize Videographers and Video Production Companies to Market Their Business

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How to get the most mileage out of your business marketing video For many businesses video marketing has become an essential part of their online marketing strategy. However, I’ve also found that many businesses after receiving the completed video production, struggle to figure out how to actually get the most mileage out of their business marketing video. Most of our [...]

Changes for Businesses, Video Marketing, YouTube Marketing, and Videographers in Massachusetts

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Suggestions for mapping out YouTube marketing, video marketing strategies for businesses in Massachusetts As a video content producer and creator, the last few weeks of the year are typically an appropriate time to take a look at  what lessons we  can learn from video production, video marketing and YouTube marketing during the past year. Well, here’s [...]

How Do You Post A Business Video On A Website?

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Basic overview of how to post a web video Adding rich media such as web video to your website will dramatically increase the engagement level of web visitors. We outline several options for our video production clients in Western Massachusetts to integrate their web video with business websites. Options include a basic YouTube embed to a high-end business video hosting [...]

Post Your Video On Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube; Your Online Marketing Depends On It

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Social Media Examiner, an online guide to the social media industry just released their annual report entitled “State of Social Media Marketing Industry”. The report covered the most popular social media marketing channels, however, I will focus this blog post and my review on how online marketers will use online video in combination with social media in 2011. The analysis [...]

As A Small Business Owner, Do I Need A Website For My Web Video?

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Can a small business benefit from web video marketing without a website? If you are considering having a professional web video produced for your business then it is not necessary for you to have your own website. I am not suggesting that you don’t get a website at all, but if you currently do not have a website for your [...]

83% Of Senior Executives Watch More Web Video Today Than A Year Ago

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Executives indicate they are willing to take purchasing action after watching business web videosThe web continues to be in the middle of a video make-over and more senior executives are open to taking action after having watched a business related video. Forbes Insights recently published a report that show that web video continues to make gains [...]

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