5 Solutions To The Most Common Video Marketing Challenges

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5 Solutions to the Most Common Video Marketing Challenges Even experienced marketers may find that managing a video marketing campaign can be a daunting task. Things can go wrong quickly and cost your company money. Let's review some common challenges and our proposed solutions. 1. Have your script reviewed by a professional scriptwriter Challenge: Writing a script [...]

3 Steps To Generate Leads With A Marketing Video

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3 steps to launch your new product or service with a video marketing campaign The pressure is high to generate new business right away for a new product. As a sales and marketing manager, you ask yourself 'What is the quickest method to generate leads for my sales team?' Generating sales leads fast by following [...]

3 Video Marketing Mistakes Which Will Result In Poor Viewer Engagement

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These video marketing mistakes will lead to poor conversions Quality, brevity, and focus are key elements in any video marketing campaign Video is on top of the list of every major marketing project in 2015. One of the main purposes of video is to engage viewers and convert prospective clients into loyal customers. Video [...]

Perfect time for small businesses and affordable video marketing ads

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High audience engagement through video marketing on Facebook As a follow up to my post from yesterday about digital video marketing trends for 2015, I’d like to add a few comments regarding video marketing on Facebook for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). The time is perfect for affordable video marketing ads on Facebook. Facebook [...]

YouTube or Facebook, a big shift in video marketing is coming

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Facebook and YouTube were by far the most popular channels.                   77.8 % of respondents in a recent survey by Mixpo  ran a video marketing campaign on YouTube in 2014, while 63% chose Facebook during the same year. The survey included 125 agencies, brands, and publishers and shows us some [...]

3 Qualities Western Mass Marketing Videos Have In Common

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How Western Massachusetts businesses merge modern marketing and web videoAs a video production company, we have been helping businesses in Western Massachusetts incorporate marketing videos into their online marketing strategies for several years. The following three areas have emerged as important marketing components:Web Videos For Mobile Marketing25-45% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices and there's indication that this [...]

Do You Need a Video Marketing Plan?

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How to create a video marketing plan in 3 basic steps Three Basic Steps to Create A Video Marketing Plan The reasons you need a video marketing plan are outlined in this brief overview of web visitors' behavior: In the somewhat distant past, clients opened the phone book (remember those?) and called a toll free number. Today, talking [...]

Should I Hire a Videographer or a Video Production Company?

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What you need to know before you hire a videographer or video production company What you need to know before you hire. Your company's and your reputation depend on it.You have decided to hire the services of a video specialist for your next video project. You have a budget to consider. You have your reputation and your company's reputation [...]

What Makes A Good Marketing Video?

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Important Components For A Good Marketing VideoWe identified three major components to creating a good marketing video:StorytellingInformationLocalizationGet a Quote Good storytelling: Web videos must include good storytelling, a good narrative. In fact, some of the best web videos we created include real people talking about real situations. It doesn’t matter if it's a small business owner talking about his or [...]

Web Video Marketing Benefits For Springfield, Northampton MA Based Businesses

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How much should I spend on our marketing video? Even the most casual Internet user is realizing that the online experience is increasingly driven by web videos and video marketing. comScore, an Internet analytics and research company, estimates that the online video audience has reached approximately 85% of the entire US Internet audience. Some time ago, Forrester Research found that [...]

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