The Anatomy Of Great Software Demo Videos

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4 Critical Points You Need To Know About Creating Software Demo Videos The objective of any software demo is to make potentially abstract and difficult concepts easy to understand. Depending on the software for which we are creating a demo (or training) video, it can be a relatively complicated concept.  However, the use of motion [...]

The Creative, the Creation, and The Critic

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A short essay by Sven Kielhorn Celebrate the Creative There was a time in everyone’s one life when everything we did was creativity and play. We sang a song because we felt like it, we asked questions because we had a deep desire to know and to learn. We skipped on the way to school because is was [...]

Training Videos – Increasing Employee Skills While Reducing Training Costs

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Investing in training videos will help reduce future employee training costs The eTown Videos team serves all of New England. Employee training and education is essential but also costly. Your company may spend tens of thousands of dollars on training seminars for employee education. But when the training event is over, studies show that without frequent repetition and reinforcement, [...]

How To Find A Video Production Company in Western Massachusetts

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How to find a video production company in Western Massachusetts and enjoy the process Ask the right questions before you hire a Western Massachusetts videographer or video production company You have made the decision to hire a video production company or videographer for your next video project. You know you need [...]

Timeless. Beauty in Easthampton, MA. Western Massachusetts Travel Photography

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Locally produced travel photography and music, a delightful match for eyes and ears During my work as a video creator in Western Massachusetts, I often get to travel to areas which I normally may not have an opportunity to visit. Ironically, one of my favorite cities to capture both on video and with photography is actually right in our own [...]

How Western Mass Businesses Establish Trust with a Web Video Testimonial

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Web video commercials using testimonials Establishing trust with client testimonial videos In the online world trust is a central issue. Additionally, for a prospective client, it is easy to lose interest in a website having an endless array of choices to click. As a video production company, one of our tasks is to help [...]

Should I Hire A Freelance Videographer Or A Video Production Company?

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The difference between a videographer and a video production company Lucy's company is located in Springfield, Massachusetts and her employer needs a web video to explain their products. She's wondering if she should hire a local videographer or a video production company? The video production company she's considering has a great website, an impressive portfolio, and a [...]

3 Qualities Western Mass Marketing Videos Have In Common

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How Western Massachusetts businesses merge modern marketing and web videoAs a video production company, we have been helping businesses in Western Massachusetts incorporate marketing videos into their online marketing strategies for several years. The following three areas have emerged as important marketing components:Web Videos For Mobile Marketing25-45% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices and there's indication that this [...]

Why We Love The Easthampton Chamber (And You Should, Too!)

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3 Things That Surprised Us The Most Maybe you have heard of your local chamber, the Greater Easthampton Chamber of Commerce, but you are not a member. When asked why your business is not yet a member, you can't really answer the question. I was in the same boat until about two and half years ago. Back in [...]

Training Video Productions And Videographers For Springfield and Western MA Based Businesses

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Training videos to motivate and train your workforceWhen producing training videos for companies in our service areas in Western Massachusetts we have observed that today’s companies are under significant pressure to educate, train, and motivate their video productionsOften these pressures are driven by changes in the law, client preferences, or competitive market conditions. These demands not only exist here [...]

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