Training Videos – Increasing Employee Skills While Reducing Training Costs

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Investing in training videos will help reduce future employee training costs The eTown Videos team serves all of New England. Employee training and education is essential but also costly. Your company may spend tens of thousands of dollars on training seminars for employee education. But when the training event is over, studies show that without frequent repetition and reinforcement, [...]

How To Find A Video Production Company in Western Massachusetts

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How to find a video production company in Western Massachusetts and enjoy the process Ask the right questions before you hire a Western Massachusetts videographer or video production company You have made the decision to hire a video production company or videographer for your next video project. You know you need [...]

The Making of Jean-Pierre Pasche’s Video Spotlight

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Behind the scenes of the July 2014 Easthampton Chamber Video Spotlight The Making of Jean-Pierre Pasche’s Video Spotlight For the July 2014 Easthampton Chamber video spotlight we had the opportunity to add some secret sauce to the video making recipe to give the final result a little extra zest. We spoke with the 2013 [...]

3 Qualities Western Mass Marketing Videos Have In Common

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How Western Massachusetts businesses merge modern marketing and web videoAs a video production company, we have been helping businesses in Western Massachusetts incorporate marketing videos into their online marketing strategies for several years. The following three areas have emerged as important marketing components:Web Videos For Mobile Marketing25-45% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices and there's indication that this [...]

How To Make A Kickstarter Video, From Concept To Crowd-Funded Project

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Tips on how to make a kickstarter video and raise funds for your project In this post, I’d like to outline production elements which are of particular importance for kickstarter video projects. If you are not familiar with kickstarter you may want review their website. Creating and producing a video for kickstarter is an essential part of the crowd-funding process, [...]

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