The Anatomy Of Great Software Demo Videos

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4 Critical Points You Need To Know About Creating Software Demo Videos The objective of any software demo is to make potentially abstract and difficult concepts easy to understand. Depending on the software for which we are creating a demo (or training) video, it can be a relatively complicated concept.  However, the use of motion [...]

Training Videos – Increasing Employee Skills While Reducing Training Costs

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Investing in training videos will help reduce future employee training costs The eTown Videos team serves all of New England. Employee training and education is essential but also costly. Your company may spend tens of thousands of dollars on training seminars for employee education. But when the training event is over, studies show that without frequent repetition and reinforcement, [...]

4 Powerful Ways To Turn A Boring Training Video Into A Motivational Video

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A Beginners Guide To Online Training Video Production Let’s face it, we all had to sit through a boring training video at some point during our careers. The biggest challenge was trying to stay awake. The fact is that many training videos can be boring. The question is how do we transform an employee training video into a motivational training [...]

How To Keep Them Awake – Corporate Training Video Productions For Northampton, MA Based Businesses

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Creating Professional Training VideosIf you have ever been assigned the task of creating training videos for your company or department then you know it's hard work and can be enormously challenging. The subject matter, which is being covered in the training video production may be rather complicated. Keeping viewers engaged is typically difficult to do. If your audience is not [...]

Training Video Productions And Videographers For Springfield and Western MA Based Businesses

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Training videos to motivate and train your workforceWhen producing training videos for companies in our service areas in Western Massachusetts we have observed that today’s companies are under significant pressure to educate, train, and motivate their video productionsOften these pressures are driven by changes in the law, client preferences, or competitive market conditions. These demands not only exist here [...]

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