3 Steps To Generate Leads With A Marketing Video

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3 steps to launch your new product or service with a video marketing campaign The pressure is high to generate new business right away for a new product. As a sales and marketing manager, you ask yourself 'What is the quickest method to generate leads for my sales team?' Generating sales leads fast by following [...]

Developing A Profitable Marketing Web Video, Part 3 of 3

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Balancing Run Time and Cost The old adage "less is more" applies to most marketing videos. Trim the fat of the script to avoid unnecessary clutter. When producing a profitable marketing web video for businesses and organizations in Western Massachusetts and many parts of New England, we have found that the longer the video runs the less likely viewers will [...]

Answers To The Four Most Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Videos

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Four important elements for corporate video productions Four Most Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Videos Corporate video productions can be overwhelming whether your video is for a marketing campaign or employee training. With this post I hope to alleviate some of pressures that may accompany planning for a corporate video project. Here are some answers to frequently asked [...]

3 Reasons Agencies Choose eTown Videos For Their Clients’ Video Productions

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Why should marketing and advertising agencies work with eTown Videos? Contact us and find out for yourself why businesses and agencies love working with the eTown Videos team. Partnering with a new video provider seems to bring so many unknowns. As a marketing or advertising agency you may ask yourself "Are they dependable, professional and responsive? Will [...]

4 Powerful Ways To Turn A Boring Training Video Into A Motivational Video

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A Beginners Guide To Online Training Video Production Let’s face it, we all had to sit through a boring training video at some point during our careers. The biggest challenge was trying to stay awake. The fact is that many training videos can be boring. The question is how do we transform an employee training video into a motivational training [...]

Lawyer, Attorney Video Marketing in Springfield Massachusetts, Video Production, Videographer

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Discovering the power of Attorney Video Marketing Meet Attorney Al Gordon of Springfield, Massachusetts. Al Gordon recently hired eTown Videos to produce a marketing video series to help target new clients and cases. The videos are designed to educate, teach, and provide valuable information to potential clients. The topics for the marketing videos were carefully chosen [...]

Does promotional web video really work?

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Should we get a promotional web video? Frankly, I think the question of whether or not you should get a promotional web video for your small business or corporate needs has already been answered. Back in 2006, we spent a significant amount of time explaining the benefits of web video and why businesses should post them [...]

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